Get Customers’ Attention with Content Marketing

Content marketing is an evolution of traditional marketing. It shifts the focus from product centric messaging to pull marketing techniques with benefit-led content, easing customer challenges. It answers the increasingly hard challenge of getting the attention of our customers by engaging prospects with content that answers their pain points. Content is the heart of

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Link Juice and Internal Linking

Since Google Penguin’s release, the importance of links has never been higher. Authority is a commodity that sites seemingly trade amongst each other in order to rank higher on the SERP, and to gain that coveted link juice. But sites often forget the importance of linking internally within their sites in order to dilute

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Marketing Automation for Ecommerce

If you run any kind of ecommerce business, you know how important marketing is. Marketing is an engine that drives your sales. But marketing is also an art own and can be very overwhelming at times. Luckily, there is a way to help streamline all marketing tasks, improve lead management, and impact your overall

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