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TrueView for brand awareness

TrueView for brand awareness
July 4, 2013 Emma Marti

With 1 billion unique user visits every month, over 6 billion hours of video and one hour of new video uploaded every second, YouTube provides a massive platform for advertisers to capitalise on. If this is for brand awareness,direct response, audience engagement or a new product launch, the opportunity to get in front of millions of eyes every day is incomparable.

TrueView is a YouTube video ad format, managed through AdWords, that gives a degree of flexibility to the viewer by allowing them to control what adverts they watch and when, including In-stream videos allowing the viewer to skip an ad after five seconds.


Predominantly at 7thingsmedia we have been utilising the TrueView platform for branding exercises, a lucrative opportunity of the platform, given that you only pay for engaged views. Especially for TrueView In-Stream video, which has the potential to show up to 30 seconds of a client’s video creative without even paying for the privilege!

Recently we have been working on a branding exercise utilising a client’s season appropriate content already within YouTube and focusing on their target market with YouTube placements and demographic profiling. With a narrow trial budget, we have managed to show at least 5 seconds of their video content on over 8,000 videos at a cost of just£100. In excess of 2,000 have seen at least 13 seconds of this rich content, including the client’s branding, which in terms of a branding exercise, appears unparalleled to many other mediums.

However, the difficulty or lack of tracking looks set to stifle the possibility of scaling this activity, with client’s understandably needing proof of conversion cause and effect in line with any other performance channel. With Google only recently allowing sign up to a limited whitelist for GDN Impression Reporting, seeing the full value of TrueView is still restricted.


In this example, we can assume there has been value in 8,000 impressions on branded video content, but without bringing impression reporting into any attribution measurement, the motivation to scale is currently lacking.

We look forward to the advancements in this medium, viewing this as a fundamental tool for future brand awareness and developing ever more innovative and engaging campaigns on behalf of our clients.

If you would like more detail on how we can help your brand utilise TrueView to reach a targeted global audience please contact our Business Development Manager Chris Sumner.