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About us

Award-winning digital media agency

Our history to date... (press play!)

Founded: 13th April 2009

Offices: LondonNew York & Singapore

Brief History

  • 7thingsmedia was founded in April 2009 in our CEO‘s flat!
  • We moved into our Brownlow Mews office in May 2009
  • Expanded in January 2010 to Charterhouse Sq.
  • In May 2010 relocated to our current London HQ
  • May 2010 finalist for “Best New Entrant” at a4uawards
  • Opened our New York, US office in January 2011
  • In May 2011 we were awarded the “Best Agency” gong
  • Retained our “Best Agency” title at the Performance Marketing Awards in May 2012
  • Relocated our New York offices to Madison Avenue in January 2013
  • For the third consecutive year retained our “Best Agency” award at the Performance Marketing Award in May 2013
  • In June 2013 our search team were awarded the Best PPC Campaign at the European Search Awards in Barcelona
  • Opened our third office to serve the APAC region in Singapore in July 2013
  • Further award success in 2013 with the affiliate team collecting the “Best use of Affiliate Marketing” title at The Dadi Awards in October 2013
  • Winners of Best in Retail at the Performance Marketing Awards April 2014

From the Founder

“7thingsmedia’s business is digital media, so accounts are sought and won – inbound and outbound – on this as the focus; not as an add-on.

This immediately sets the agency apart from others in the field – 7thingsmedia was founded as a digital agency so the last three years have been honing and perfecting our offering – and realising the potential of an integrated digital solution to benefit a brand as a whole – not just Ecommerce”

– Chris Bishop, Founder & CEO

Our Founder – Career

Chris Bishop’s career history.

Our Awards

Awards and nominations


To get in touch with 7thingsmedia please call 020 7017 3190020 7017 3190 or contact us.

Chris Bishop
Andrew Craig

Chris Bishop

Founder & CEO

Chris founded 7thingsmedia in 2009 and is responsible for the overall strategy and direction of the business. He is the creative vision behind the agency and regularly gets involved in client strategy and development.

T: 020 7017 3191020 7017 3191
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Andrew Craig

Non-executive Director

Andrew joined the 7thingsmedia team in Autumn 2011.  Sitting on the board Andrew has extensive experience within small and large private, listed and PE backed businesses.

T: 020 7017 3198020 7017 3198
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Jennifer Roebuck

Non-executive Director

7thingsmedia has appointed Jennifer Roebuck as a non-executive director to aid the agency’s strategic client development and product innovation.

T: 020 7017 3190020 7017 3190
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Matthew Wilkinson

Business Director

Matthew Wilkinson joined the agency in 2014 from JCDecaux. As Business Director, he is responsible for new business, developing partner relationships and emerging markets.

T: 020 7017 3199020 7017 3199
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Sandra McDill

 Chief Digital Officer

Sandra joined the agency in September 2015 from iProspect. As Chief Digital Officer she is responsible for all operational elements of 7thingsmedia’s global client and team management.

T: 020 7017 3190020 7017 3190
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Belinda Doherty

 Chief Financial Officer

Belinda joined the agency in December 2015. Having over 15 years of finance experience, she is responsible for providing the agency with strategic and financial direction.

T: 020 7017 3190020 7017 3190
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As a core value we strongly believe there is always an opportunity to make a positive difference.

 Our first responsibility is to those brands, companies, groups, and organisations progressing in the digital era: we must constantly strive to enhance our products and service to ensure these businesses have their rightful opportunity to correctly grow. We will always fight for the integrity of the marketplace and act as ambassadors and educators of best practice throughout its evolution.

We strive to be both a big and small company at the same time. For each of our departments to function as their own small business. With a strong entrepreneurial character each employee has the knowledge that their success depends on anticipating their needs and delivering meaningful, high-quality work.

We are responsible to our employees, recognising the diversity of our individuals and the relevant skills they singularly and collectively possess to enhance and progress the business. We will provide an environment for our employees to work create their own purpose (the yearning to do something that we do in the service of something larger than ourselves), mastery (the desire to get better and better at something that matters) and autonomy (the urge to direct our own lives).

We subscribe absolutely to equal opportunities; to the desire to maintain our communities and environment; and to fair trade and its practice. But additionally, we represent the media commercial community. We must fight to ensure the community operates in conditions of integrity and transparency as it grows its reputation, reach, and influence.

The business must make a sound and responsible profit ensuring absolute investment in staff development, equipment and growth. As a business founded in a financial recession we should ensure we make suitable savings for adverse times. When we adhere to these conditions our Shareholders should receive fair return for their stock.

As a core value we strongly believe there is always an opportunity to make a positive difference.

Chris Bishop
Founder & CEO

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