About Us

Award-winning digital media agency

Basic Information:
Founded: 13th April 2009
Offices: LondonNew York & Singapore

Brief History:
- 7thingsmedia was founded in April 2009 in our CEO‘s flat!
- We moved into our Brownlow Mews office in May 2009
- Expanded in January 2010 to Charterhouse Sq.
- In May 2010 relocated to our current London HQ
- May 2010 finalist for “Best New Entrant” at a4uawards
- Opened our New York, US office in January 2011
- In May 2011 we were awarded the “Best Agency” gong
- We launched Affiliate Manager Plus at A4UExpo October 2011
- Retained our “Best Agency” title at the Performance Marketing Awards in May 2012
- Relocated our New York offices to Madison Avenue in January 2013
- For the third consecutive year retained our “Best Agency” award at the Performance Marketing Award in May 2013
In June 2013 our search team were awarded the Best PPC Campaign at the European Search Awards in Barcelona
- Opened our third office to serve the APAC region in Singapore in July 2013
- Further award success in 2013 with the affiliate team collecting the “Best use of Affiliate Marketing” title at The Dadi Awards in October 2013
Winners of Best in Retail at the Performance Marketing Awards April 2014

From the Founder:

“7thingsmedia’s business is digital media, so accounts are sought and won – inbound and outbound – on this as the focus; not as an add-on.

This immediately sets the agency apart from others in the field – 7thingsmedia was founded as a digital agency so the last three years have been honing and perfecting our offering – and realising the potential of an integrated digital solution to benefit a brand as a whole – not just Ecommerce”
Chris Bishop, Founder & CEO

To get in touch with 7thingsmedia please call 020 7017 3190 or contact us.

Other ways to connect with us:
F: facebook.com/7thingsmedia
T: @7thingsmedia
L: linkedin.com/7thingsmedia
V: youtube.com/7thingsmedia

"7thingsmedia has worked with our team and been responsible for guiding us through the best in online. They took 2010's record growth and did the same for 2011 – producing double digit percentage growth, carrying out their duties to a level above and beyond our expectations."
Simon Hall, Marketing Manager
Secret Sales